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“Mercedes and Toto have always had my back” George Russell has faith in the future plans of the Champion Constructor

George Russell revels how the dangerous side of social media can have a negative impact on the younger generation.

George Russell will again drive for Williams Racing for Formula 1 in 2021, plans to compete against the best drivers on the grid.

The British F1 team underwent some major management changes in the new season. The US investment group Dorilton Capital acquired the company, the departure of Frank and Claire Williams from the team. Their former Briton driver is back in the team, will drive alongside Nicholas Latifi.

Last year, the team was at the bottom of Constructors’ Standing with 0 points, yet managed to compete against Haas and Alfa Romeo. The Williams driver suggests they pulled a brief fight against them because of their weak Ferrari engines, however, that might not be the same case for the 2021 season, and need to be cautious.

Russell said, “Obviously the Ferrari engine was very off the pace last year and I think they’ll be making a good step forward so we need to make double that step just to stay on the same page as them.”

George Russell on his move to the Mercedes F1 team

The young Briton spent most of his time on the grid as a backmarker, making way for the faster cars. However, he filled in the vacant spot of Lewis Hamilton in the 2020 Shakir Grand Prix, while the seven-times world champion tested positive for the COVID-19. His performance in Mercedes proved his worth as an excellent driver and has a long way to go.

The 23-years-old finished ninth and was also awarded for his fastest, this was his first time finishing in the top-ten position in a race. There were rumors about Russell joining Mercedes as a full-time driver. Hamilton signed a contract for one year with Mercedes, there is still a possibility for the young Briton to replace the Billion Dollar Man.

George Russell drove for Mercedes as a replacement for Lewis Hamilton for the 2020 Shakir Grand Prix.

George Russell drove for Mercedes as a replacement for Lewis Hamilton for the 2020 Shakir Grand Prix.

However, Russell reported him not being in a hurry to join stronger teams to move up on the grid. He has faith in Mercedes and its boss, Toto Wolff, that they know about his potential as a driver and will make the move when the time is correct. Right now, the young British driver would like to focus on his performance in William for the 2021 season.

“Mercedes and Toto have always had my back, they’ve believed in me from day one. When they believe the time’s right, the time will be right,” said the young Briton. “I’m not hassling them, I’m just going out there and doing my job on the track and what comes in the future will come.”

Williams Racing unveiled the new car FW43B for 2021, and Russell and Latifi will take it for a shakedown at Silverstone, ahead of the first race of the upcoming season, the Bahrain Grand Prix on 28 March 2021.

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