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Formula 1: Hamilton Never Asks For Bottas Help

Formula 1: Hamilton Never Asks For Bottas Help

Formula 1: Hamilton Never Asks For Bottas Help


Lewis Hamilton stressed that he did not expect help from team-mate Valtteri Bottas amid threats from the Ferrari team during the second half of the Formula 1 2019 season. Since the second half of F1 began, Hamilton did not achieve impressive results. first in Hungary, last July.

After that, Hamilton seemed to experience setbacks. This situation utilized the Ferrari team to take the opportunity to make significant progress.


Charles Leclerc won two victories in Belgium and Italy. Seeing this situation many fans wondered if Hamilton would ask his teammates for help. In response, former lover Nicole Scherzinger said she did not think so.

“This has never been my philosophy. I want to do my own work. It has never been what I asked for. I even refused to look back (last year), I hated that experience and hoped that I was not in that position,” Hamilton insisted quoted from Crash, Friday (9/27/2019).

“I don’t think I need help from anyone to do the work that I know I can do, except for my team in terms of doing a better job at all weekends.”

Hamilton felt the threat posed by the Ferrari team was not too alarming. He was actually worried about Bottas and he regarded him as the toughest opponent in the hunt for the championship trophy in the F1 championship.

“But right now I’m fighting Valtteri for the world championship, so I don’t expect even a second from him to move him. I think if it’s for the victory in the last race it will be very different.”


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