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Former Manchester United player Ravel Morrison admits of ‘stealing and selling boots’ to feed his family’ !

Ravel Morrison

Ravel Morrison, a Graduate from Manchester United’s academy, who also featured in two games for the senior side, has confessed to stealing and selling Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney’s boots during his short stint at old Trafford. The 28-year-old admits to doing this so that he can ‘put some food on the table’ for his family.

He is the same player who once got rated as the ‘Best teenager ever seen’ by none other than Sir Alex Ferguson. So, this whole revelation is proving to be a ‘hard pill to swallow’ for every Manchester United fan.

How Ravel Morrison’s career shaped up at United?

Ravel Morrison as a United Player

Ravel Morrison as a United Player

Ravel Morrison’s stint at united was relatively short. Even while getting all the praises from Sir Alex Ferguson, he never made a significant impact with his performance in the senior team fold. Eventually, he was moved off to West Ham, after featuring in two games as a United player.

Morrison garnered all the big praises from his senior fellows, coaches, and mentors during his academy days. Nevertheless, given all the off-pitch issues at United, he never made it into the list of greats like Rooney and Ferdinand.

Recently, while speaking to former United legend Rio Ferdinand on his podcast, this 28-year-old finally spilled beans on his career as a United player.

I got kicked out of the changing room for thieving boots: Ravel Morrison

During his conversation with Ferdinand, he finally admits to stealing and selling the latter’s boots, just to put food on the table for his family. As both shared some merry laughs on this incident, Morrison further said that his actions were purely aimed towards a ‘good cause’.

Morrison shared this incident with Ferdinand during their conversation on a famous sports channel on YouTube. ‘Remember I got kicked out of the changing room for thieving your boots?’, He said.

In Reply, Ferdinand simply laughed and responded: ‘Tell me if I’m wrong but you were taking our boots down to Goals to show your mates….’

Morrison then came with a speedy response while saying: ‘Obviously I was on scholar’s wage, I was young. You used to get like £250 for a pair of boots. You take two pairs of boots, you get £500 and go home and buy your family a Chinese or something.”

You guys used to get like 30 pairs of boots. I didn’t mean it to cause harm but when I saw yours or [Wayne] Rooney’s deliveries, you’d get 20-30 pairs at a time, I was thinking one pair to put some food on the table at home, it wouldn’t be a big problem.’, Morrison further added.

His talent got overshadowed by his off-the-pitch issues: Wayne Rooney

It’s not just Sir Alex Ferguson and even United legend Ronney had big praises for this player. During one of his interviews lately, Rooney talked about united’s efforts in pushing Morrison towards the top level. He also discussed making every bit of effort while ensuring Morrison to stay focused both on and off the pitch.’With the younger players it’s been well documented about Ravel Morrison,’ Rooney said.

‘He was brilliant in training and then he had a few issues and it halted his career.’We all thought he was going to be top-level. Everyone could see those issues were going to be there. I spoke to him. Gary Neville was trying to get him to live with him. There were different things people tried”, Rooney further added.

Morrison’s revelation comes as an enormous shock to many football experts and fans around. Still, given his age at the time of this incident, we can quote it as a mere ‘brain fade’.

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