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Ferguson: United draws the attention of the world

Ferguson: United draws the attention of the world


Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson said the number of goals scored by players in the match increasingly made his team popular in the world. United so far have been very productive in matters of breaking down opponents.

Already 105 goals have been scored by United in all competitions this season, of which 78 have been created in 20 Premier League matches.

He said the attacking style displayed by his team was able to draw the attention of fans from all over the world.

\”We scored a lot of goals, no doubt. Supporters enjoy it. I think in terms of a global audience they will watch on their television in America, Australia, to see a score of 4-3, “he said as quoted ESPN, Tuesday (1/1/2013).

He said United seemed forced to raise the tempo when they conceded.

“Conceding it means forcing the players out. We are very brilliant at it. The attacking game in the previous game was fantastic,” he explained.

Ferguson further denied he planned to change the style of his team’s play to cover up weaknesses in defense.

\”We are a team that continues to advance. We always play forward so there is a hole left and we get a penalty for that,” he said.


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