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Featherweight Warrior Cody Stamann Defends Daniel Cormier against Jake Paul Allergy on MMA Division

Jake Paul fights Ben Askren in their cruiserweight bout during Triller Fight Club at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

After Jake’s first-round TKO win over Ben Askren, the MMA community is out to settle the score against Jake Paul. They widely expected it in the MMA community that if Jake wins, his ego will get a big boost. True to his name, ‘The Problem Child’ went on a rant and started calling out legendary MMA fighters by disrespecting them. Daniel Cormier and Cody Stamann were not at all happy with the way Paul was behaving.

Cody Stamann took to social media to show his support for Daniel. Cody tweeted, “The utter disrespect these guys have for MMA is insane. Boxing is cool but I don’t see these dudes lining up to get in the cage. MMA is REAL fighting. These guys box MMA fighters because in our sport they would get their limbs torn off and fed to them.”

Several names are being thrown in the hat as potential opponents for the internet personality’s next professional boxing match. On that note, Dustin Poirier has suggested UFC welterweight KO artist Mike Perry as the next opponent for Paul.

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Jake Paul VS Mike Perry: A potential fight card?

On Sunday, Paul posted a short video cut after a meeting with the UFC welterweight, where Perry can be heard saying, “You beat me down.” The YouTuber additionally proposed Perry was “light work before apparently calling out Poirier.

To nobody’s surprise, Perry wasn’t going to let that go without giving his side of the story. At first, Perry explained the sparring session from his vantage point.

He tweeted, “I was asking @jakepaul and his team to help me be great. We sparred 6 rounds. The 5th and the 6th rounds were my best rounds. He caught me at first then I made the adjustments. Showed up to spar just me my girl and my baby.” 
Jake Paul has a great deal of buzz and energy following his victory against Askren. It appears as though there are numerous MMA fighters who will be lining up for the opportunity to stand in the Octagon against the 24-year-old.


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