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Failed to Win in the Second Half, Stern Warning for the Mercedes Team

Failed to Win in the Second Half, Stern Warning for the Mercedes Team

Failed to Win in the Second Half, Stern Warning for the Mercedes Team


Hamilton experienced a drastic decline during the second half of Formula 1 (F1) this season. Imagine, no victory felt defending champion in the last three races in the second half of F1.

The failure of Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to continue their dominance in the second half is a strong warning to the Mercedes team. Therefore, its closest competitor, Ferrari, can make a rapid increase in the second half of F1 this season.

Three wins were won by Ferrari duo namely Charles Leclerc (Belgium-Italy) and Sebastian Vettel (Singapore). Slowly but surely, Leclerc managed to improve its position in the F1 standings.

Currently, Leclerc has collected 200 points or 96 points behind Hamilton. That is, the opportunity for ex-lover Nicole Scherzinger to add his sixth trophy in F1 gets into trouble. Not to mention if referring to the results of qualifications ahead of the Russian GP.

Leclerc won the pole position after recording a time of 1 minute 31.682 seconds. While the second and third place is occupied by Hamilton and Vettel. The fight for the first podium is predicted to be tight, Sunday (9/29/2019) evening hrs.

“I think the team did a great job of putting us on medium tires and naturally of the two tires, there is clearly a delta and softer tires the better at the start. But for races, it will be harder to start,” Hamilton was quoted as saying on Sky Sports.

“But even if we lead, if we are in pole position, for example, they are so fast on the straight road when we get to Turn One, which is a little tangling, they explode past us with jet fuel or whatever. So, yes, “It’s about strategy. That’s why we use different tires and I hope we can use them and keep pressing. If you have seen some of the races we have experienced, we are right with them but I hope in the race we can really give them a good fight, “Hamilton said.

Mentioned about the race later, Hamilton claimed to remain optimistic that he would be on the podium. “We remain optimistic and we will do our best. I will try and get Turn One first, somehow,” added Hamilton.


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