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F1: Verstappen is stripped of the Pole of the Mexican GP

F1: Verstappen is stripped of the Pole of the Mexican GP

F1: Verstappen is stripped of the Pole of the Mexican GP


From the press conference Max Verstappen already knew that something could go against the Red Bull team after the incident on the last lap of Q3 in which the Mercedes driver, the Finn Valtteri Bottas, hit his car on the wall to the Exit of the ban and that strengthened the Dutchman with the Pole Position of the Grand Prix of Mexico.



But the commissioners determined that Verstappen’s car 33, after reviewing telemetry and video evidence, incurred in violation of the regulation by trying a better time but failed to reduce its speed in a sector in which it is advised to do so. The Dutchman would admit that he was aware that Bottas’s car was crashed but that he never saw the yellow flag-waving.

But the video evidence gave the commissioners room for maneuver, as the way in which a track officer is waving the flag when the Dutchman passes through that section of the track is notorious, a guideline that, for example, did follow Sebastian Vettel, by significantly reducing the speed by provision of the regulation, by passing behind it.


Therefore, considering all the evidence, the commissioners determined to sanction by sending three places back to Verstappen this Sunday and also subtract two points in the drivers’ rankings. However, the Dutch may appeal the punishment, following Article 15 of the FIA ​​regulation.

So the starting grid moves in the front with a Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) leaving ahead of Verstappen after the penalty.


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