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Zak Brown says he is “very pleased” with new formula E sign up deal proposal with Mclaren till 2023

The sign-up proposal that will last till 2023 for McLaren made Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren “very pleased”.

With this deal, McLaren is expected to perform better with Mercedes engines at ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

New McLaren- Mercedes pact

McLaren has rejoined Mercedes to take engines from the German Automobile giants.

Their pact in Formula One meant the same deal that will be applicable in the case of Formula E too.

The American is concerned that his team, McLaren will have a hard time affording any sudden budget rise.

Nonetheless, Zak seemed pleased with the deal as this will help them fare better in the upcoming season.

The American businessman told Autosport regarding the new sign up deal, “The cost cap is mandatory for us, because as a racing team/manufacturer, we don’t have the depth of resources of a BMW or Mercedes or a Porsche, where if we budget X, and because people keep raising the bar, the price becomes Y.”

Zak Brown, the McLaren CEO taking a casual walk with McLaren's Formula One drivers.

Zak Brown, the McLaren CEO taking a casual walk with McLaren’s Formula One drivers.

Brown further asserted, “What I don’t have is the ability to just go back and say ‘ah, I need another £15million’. We need to have total confidence that we can afford to race for the championship, and that those goalposts aren’t going to move on us.”

The 49-year-old also conveyed, “I’m very pleased with what I’m hearing, and the numbers that I’m hearing, but that will be something before we make a final decision that needs to be a done deal. What I can’t do is enter into a championship, any championship, that potentially has a moving target as a budget.”

McLaren, the newbie at the Formula E circuit

With Mercedes already having their golden times at Formula One, the other contenders are also afraid of the same dominance here in Formula E. But as the sign-up deal lasts till 2022-2023 it will be captivating to see what the future holds for the British automobile giants.


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