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“Yellow has been always my color” Sergio Perez shares moments with his first helmet in Red Bull career

Sergio Perez helmet

Sergio Perez the 31-years-old Formula 1 racing driver joined Red Bull for the 2021 season. After Racing Point F1 replaced him with Sebastian Vettel, he started his career with Red Bull.

After Red Bull’s senior management team moved on from Alex Albon, they only had two options Sergio Perez or Nico Hulkenberg. However, they choose Perez because of his victories from 2020. The team believes that he could bring positive changes which will eventually help them to grow and compete against Mercedes.

Sergio Perez joined in Red Bull

Sergio Perez joined Red Bull for the 2021 season.

Max Verstappen as a teammate

In Checo’s Red Bull career, his teammate will be Max Verstappen. One of the fastest drivers and the youngest to compete in Formula 1. During an interview, Perez acknowledged that he is the best and fastest.  The fact made him more conscious about himself to match the level of his teammate on the track. Sergio believes both of them together can give a good competition to others.

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 Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez

His first helmet in his Red Bull career

On February 23rd, 2021 Perez got his Red Bull helmet, and he designed the layout. In a Twitter post, he shows the helmet and the excitement was clear from his face. The Mexican driver is all set and energized to start competing with his new helmet.

The helmet is his first from his Red Bull career which made it more special for the 31-years-old driver. He designed the helmet and the color was yellow, a color which he connects with. In previous teams, he always has to manage with pink helmets even though he craved for the yellow color.

On the top, it has a Mexican flag on it, as Sergio is a Mexican driver this means a lot for him. To have the support and love from his country during any race he goes on.

But what truly motivates him is the quote on the back of his helmet which reads, “NEVER GIVE UP”. It persuades him before every race that he can and will win the following race.

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