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Helmut Marko: Aston Martin ‘Will Surely Move up’ Taking Advantage Over Mercedes Engine Complexities

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Helmut Marko, the current advisor of the Red Bull Racing believes that Aston Martin will soon catch up with Mercedes in terms of Engine capabilities and rake adjustment. The Red Bull drivers development program’s head feels the British automobile giants will not be far behind from the team that supplies engines to them.

Aston Martin is using the Mercedes engine in their AMR21 car and has a low rake setup just like Mercedes’s W12. The newly introduced rake rules have hurt the low rake cars.

However, Mercedes has managed to trip down their disadvantage. Marko believes Sebastian Vettel’s team will not be far behind from making improvements as well.

Helmut Marko stays hopeful of Team Red bull leaving a big mark in the 2021 season

Red Bull Racing’s Advisor and Head of Drivers Development Programme Helmut Marko. (Image courtesy: Getty Images)

In a press conference, the 77-year-old advisor conveyed, “At the moment, I think Aston Martin is in sixth or seventh place in the ranking. But with the Mercedes engine and with the possibilities they have now, they will surely move up.”

Aston Martin to cope up expresses Helmut Marko

According to the statistics, the low rake cars lose about one second per lap due to drag and wind force. The drag as a result affects the aerodynamics to a great extent. The rear end of the low rake car gets destabilized for this as the speed increases during the race.

F1- Aston Martin- Sebastian Vettel- AMR21

Aston Martin Cognizant F1’s Sebastian Vettel with the new low rake AMR21. (Image courtesy: Getty Images)

In that context, Marko further explained, “Mercedes managed to stabilise that to a large extent. Whereas with Aston Martin, as far as I have seen, they have not succeeded to that extent. They will eventually get better handling together as well, but apparently not to the level of Mercedes.”

As Aston Martin is yet to reach the Black Arrow’s level, the team looks promising with the inclusion of former World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

With Sebastian and Lance Stroll in the line-up, the Formula One pundits believe the British giants will give a tough competition to the Formula One biggies on the track.

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