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“We’re Relying On the Package We had” Helmut Marko Opposes suspension Change Rumors in Redbull

Helmut Marko talks about Mercedes's pointless 'track limits' strategies that made Red bull fall short of a well deserved win

The Red Bull boss, Helmut Marko, addressed the rumours going on about his team. Apparently, there have been talks about a mysterious rear suspension that they are going to use on its RB16B car. Helmut refuted the claims and called them total nonsense.

Earlier this week, an Italian news channel reported that Red Bull is trying to figure out ways to mount a device into its rear suspension. The system can stimulate rear-wheel steering and the team wants to try it out at Imola. The Milton Keynes-based outfit will surely look to maintain its edge and performance to beat Mercedes.

But the chances of improved performance on the track with the help of a new suspension is fabricated as far as Helmut Marko is concerned.

He said, “This is total nonsense. We already competed with this ‘mysterious’ wheel suspension at the start in Bahrain. It is also nothing special. We had to design it because we needed a suspension that optimally fits the extremely narrow and tight rear.”

Helmut Marko says that Mercedes drove regularly over the track limits

Helmut Marko says that Mercedes drove regularly over the track limits. (Credits -Getty Images)

While the teams can’t develop their overall car this season due to the rules, there are a few grey areas where engineers can use their creativity.

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Helmut Marko will stick to what they have got

Marko said, “We’re still licking our wounds. However, compared to last season it is rather small scratches because we are on a par with Mercedes, the fastest team. That was our goal. We are definitely on the right track. I don’t know what Mercedes are developing. But we are relying on the package we had in Bahrain.”

Marko confesses Red Bull will depend on the very bundle that permitted Max Verstappen to sparkle in Bahrain albeit the Dutchman couldn’t completely use his prevalent speed on race day.


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