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Toto Wolff Wants Relief from the ‘Insane Asylum’ of Team Principal Role !

Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff expressed his willingness to part ways from the Mercedes F1 team on his role of team principal

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has adequately fulfilled his role as the team principal at the Brackley-based team since 2013. Nonetheless, according to his recent statement, the Austrian is looking for an escape plan to get relieved of his responsibilities.

During one of his interviews with a leading sport daily, Wolff talked about his plans to part ways with the British team in the near future. He was responding to questions that discussed the probability of James Allison ( Mercedes Chief technical officer) succeeding him in the CEO role.

“James and I talk several times a day and he’s totally focused on the Mercedes roadbook. Much earlier than we decided to give him the position of Chief Technical Officer, we talked about the role of team boss. “, Wolff said.

“I think it might be two. years ago, but he made it clear that it wasn’t for him. And since then I’ve been looking at what happens and who is doing a good job, so that I can eventually withdraw from this insane asylum. “, he further added.

Wolff could’ve left Mercedes at the end of last year- given the expiry of his contract. Yet, he committed his future with the British team for the upcoming seasons in a recent deal.

Can we see Toto Wolff leaving Mercedes anytime soon?

Wolff may not leave Mercedes anytime soon given his stake in the team's shareholdings

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Wolff joined Mercedes F1 in 2013 while purchasing a 30% stake in the organization. Over the past 7 years, he, along with his team drivers and support staff, took this brand to a whole different level in the F1 grid.

Wolff could’ve progressed further in the team given Mercedes’ selection of a suitable role for him in the Automotive section. Yet, he, along with Lewis Hamilton has proved Mercedes’ prowess in the F1 circuit over the past 7 years.

When Daimler reduced its shareholding in Mercedes in December last year, Wolff decided to expand with his investments in the brand. Furthermore, given the entry of INEOS as a new investor in the company, it got confirmed that Wolff will continue with his role at the Brackley-based team.

Even now, despite his statement pointing towards an exit, the Austrian seems confident of extending this association for some more years.

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