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Toto Wolff Appreciates Christian Horner’s “Big Cheque” For Recruiting Five Mercedes Staffs to Red Bull

Horner also writes off all the comments and statements by Mercedes boss Wolff on Red Bull's growing stature in F1

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes AMG Boss has recently opened up about the engineers who made their move to Christian Horner’s Red Bull. The Formula One world is currently hyped up on the Engineers who are making a move from the Silver Arrows to the Bulls.

In an interesting development Red Bull has signed five more Mercedes AMG engineers lately. Naturally signing big names and big brains would cost a team hefty amount that is needless to say. This has come right after Ben Hodgkinson decided to join the Austrian giants after spending 20 years at the Silverstone.

The 49-year-old Mercedes boss stated, “It’s a place where there’s high pressure, but there’s also a lot of fun. We can be proud of that and we have to rely on that. There will always be a back and forth. But let’s put it this way, I understand where Christian is coming from, he wants to build a structure and that’s where you have to write a big cheque sometimes. But that’s okay.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner conveyed on this, “Red Bull’s mission to bring all aspects of its Formula 1 operations in-house through Red Bull Powertrains is an enormously exciting undertaking but also an extremely demanding one, and we know that success will only be achieved by bringing in the best and brightest talent, by providing them with the right tools and by creating the right environment in which they can thrive.”

Red Bull Racing Headquarter.

Red Bull Racing F1 Headquarter in UK where everything from Chassis to Engine will be developed under one roof. (Picture courtesy: Getty Images)

Red Bull to part away with their Engine supplier Honda at the end of this season. The Milton Keynes based team is now working on building their own powertrains division. Adding on, they’re recruiting some top class Engineers from Mercedes and decided to put them into charge of the powertrains division.

Apart from Ben Hodgkinson, some other names that are coming up are Omid Mostaghimi, who is Mercedes’ F1 electronics team leader. Pip Clode, who is Mercedes’ F1 power unit concept team leader. Mercedes’ head of manufacturing Steve Blewett. Anton Mayo, a Mercedes engineering team leader and Steve Brodie, Mercedes’ F1 trackside and final inspection manager.

Red Bull are now the arch rivals of Mercedes and are definite title contenders. It’ll be interesting to see how things turn at up Red Bull following the inclusion of many top class Engineers.


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