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Toto Wolff Agrees “Two Weeks is Too Short” To Adjust Bendy Wings

Toto Wolff is worried that Mercedes might lose its dominance.

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes AMG team principal talked about the bendy rear wings that Red Bull Racing has on their RB16B car. The Silver Arrows boss and their star driver Lewis Hamilton has objected against the Red Bull and their car having bendy rear wing.

The much controversial bendy rear wing helps the car getting their rear wings to “flex” under high loads. That is, to angle back a little more at high speed so that there is less drag on the wing of the car. It then snaps back into optimum downforce-producing position before the corners.

The low rake car constructors that include Mercedes, Aston Martin and McLaren has protested against this to the FIA, however the FIA has certified them to be alright and asked Red Bull to do the needful changes before Formula One moves to Baku, Azerbaijan.

Wolff, however sounded unimpressed and conveyed regarding this in an interview, “It’s clear that one or two weeks is too short for everybody to adjust, but it’s four weeks to Baku and incomprehensible that within that time you can’t stiffen-up a rear wing for the track that is probably the most affected by flexible rear wings.”

Horner also writes off all the comments and statements by Mercedes boss Wolff on Red Bull's growing stature in F1

Mercedes AMG team principal Toto Wolff and Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner attending a press conference. (Credits : Getty Images)

The 47-year-old boss further asserted on this, “That leaves us in no-man’s land because the technical directive says the movement of some rear wings has been judged as excessive. So teams who would run these kinds of wings are prone to being protested. Probably this is going to go to the ICA (international court of appeal) and nobody needs this messy situation”

Christian Horner, the Red Bull boss nullified the accusations and made it clear that RB16B’s rear wings had passed stringent tests by the FIA and were legal as certified.

In an interview, the Red Bull Boss stated, “The FIA is completely satisfied with our car and it has passed all of the various rigorous testing.”

“To think that everybody’s aerodynamic surface is completely rigid would be a fallacy. On every single car on the grid it’s just not the case,” concluded the Milton Keynes based team of principal.


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