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To beat Mercedes and Hamilton will be “biggest achievement” for Red Bull, believes Christian Horner

Christian Horner will be hoping to defete Hamilton and Mercedes this season

Almost every season since 2014 Red Bull has begun the year with a comparatively under performing technical car. Christian Horner then tries to push major developments in order to upgrade performance which at times doesn’t reap the intended benefits. Last season something similar happened when mechanical attempts by the Red Bull management failed to work for them.

The score sheets are back to zero points. A new championship battle awaits, and it’s obvious which two teams will be at the forefront of exciting action. Mercedes with Hamilton vs Red Bull with Max Verstappen. The favourite Silver Arrows going for the eighth consecutive season win and the Bulls will be moving ahead with their last race-winning momentum.

“Arguably winning with Max would be our biggest single achievement in Formula One for the size of the challenge. They (Hamilton and Mercedes) are absolute titans of the sport at the moment. I think that it would be our biggest achievement if we were able to beat them.” Horner said.

Rival Lewis Hamilton had an extraordinary season last year and is at his peak at the moment. After all the Brit was able to equal Schumacher’s all-time record of Seven Championship Titles. With his maturity, pace and love for racing, there’s no doubt a long competitive bumpy road lies ahead for the Red Bulls. 

The three pointed star has dominated Formula One turbo hybrid era. But last season at the Abu Dhabi Horner’s team did beat the Mercedes. Verstappen’s RB16 produced a magical lap during the qualifying and after securing the pole position, the dutch never dropped back. Though the team was able to achieve this victory over their rivals, challenge for Horner would be repeating this on a regular basis, through out the season.

Considering how the testing weekend turned out for the team, it is quite evident that Red Bull has a top drawer Formula One machine. 

(Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Verstappen’s new teammate Perez has a simple task to focus on this season. He will have to put a good qualifying session and race as closely to Max Verstappen as possible. This would make it hard for Mercedes to apply their tactical options, which in turn helps Max to challenge the Germans for winning the race. Something which Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon failed at

“He’s super-motivated. He knows this is the biggest chance of his career and he’s determined to take it with both hands. I’ve been impressed with how he’s applied himself so far.” Horner said,backing the decision of bringing in Perez, .

It’s kinda crazy if thought upon – it’s been almost a decade since Red Bull last won a world championship. However, the team’s principal Christian Horner is quite convinced that his team has solved the unpredictable handling characteristics of RB16. So far, their engine partners Honda have also shown positive signs in providing the much needed reliable PU. In fact, this is the best time for Red Bulls to bid for the title before Honda steps away from Formula 1 at the end of this year. 

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