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“Still the Same Challenge”: Fernando Alonso Knows How F1 cars Will Run in Monaco GP

Fernando Alonso comes back to the team which helped him win 2 world championship.

Fernando Alonso, the Spanish Formula One driver has talked about the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix and the challenges coming up ahead. The Alpine driver is of the opinion that the Monte Carlo circuit still poses same challenge as it posed in the years before.

Alonso, who joined Alpine this year after taking one year off after his stint with McLaren two years back. The Spaniard has raced in this track for a quite sometimes and is quite excited for his next race.

The former Ferrari driver has conveyed in an interview, “I don’t think we can compare cars and years, championships and driving styles. I think those years were amazing to drive those cars from Monaco. I can only imagine how hard it was and how tricky it was at the same time. Now we have cars that they go 15 or 20 seconds faster than that time. So they’re still the same challenge and you maximise a package that you have in your hands.”

The 39-year-old driver further asserted, “It doesn’t matter if you’re running in 1’30s or in 1’10s, at the end of the day is the same spirit into the driving and the same challenge to maximise that. So I respect a lot what the past in Formula 1 did achieve and how they were able to drive those cars. And now I think it will be the same respect in 20 or 30 years’ time when they see the races that we were doing now.”

Fernando Alonso is wheeled back to Garage

Alpine F1’s Fernando Alonso is wheeled back to the Alpine Garage during the Bahrain Grand Prix after the Spaniard made just 32 laps into the track (Image courtesy: Alpine F1 Official Twitter Handle)

However, Mercedes man Lewis Hamilton doens’t quite agree with Fernando Alonso on this. The British international has to say that Monaco Grand Prix needs to have some changes.

Talking on this context the current leader of the Driver’s standings stated, “We’ve had the same format for years. It is the best venue. It is the most beautiful place that we get to to race at. But you already know that it’s never exciting for the fans.”

“It’s a one-stop race with these hard, long stints that we get to do. On the list of difficult places to overtake it is off the scale, highly unlikely you’re ever going to get an opportunity to do so. I don’t think fans enjoy that. I don’t know what the solution is, but I’m hoping when we are looking forward to future generations, it can be a more exciting race for people.”, concluded the seven times world champion.


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