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Stefano Domenicali Promised Spanish GP in 2022, Claims Venue President Joseph Santamaria

Ferrari Trento is the official toast for Formula 1 2021.

Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula One believes Formula One will see a full packed Spanish GP in Barcelona next year. The Spanish venue president for Circuit de Catalunya Joseph Santamaria claimed that Domenicali himself promised an exciting race event next season in Spain.

Spain’s Circuit de Catalunya has been an integral part of Formula One calendar for years now. The home circuit to famous Spaniards like Alpine’s Fernando Alonso and Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, held the recently concluded Spanish GP race in Formula One season 2021.

The circuit de Catalunya is regarded as one of the oldest and famous circuits in Formula One history. The racetrack has held 31 races as of 2021. So making this track out of contract is quite hard for Formula One Management.

Stefano Domenicali the president of the Formula 1.

Stefano Domenicali, the president of the Formula 1. (Image courtesy: Getty Images)

Santamaria, on this context, conveyed, “It is very easy to talk to them – we have had a lot of meetings and are working towards the renewal that we want with a long-term contract. I have to totally rule out that option. After 31 years of Formula 1 here, I want another 30 years at least.”

Joseph further asserted, “Stefano Domenicali has told us that they think Formula 1 has to be in Barcelona and that we have to make an effort to improve the facilities”

This year’s Spanish Grand Prix didn’t see enough crowd turnover due to strict Coronavirus rules in the Iberian peninsula country. Most of them decided to stay back at home and watch the race live on Television or Smartphones.

Santamaria stated on this, “It was a previously approved protocol – 50 percent capacity for outdoor sports with a maximum of 1000 people. We hope that, next time, the rules have evolved and changed and we can once again have the number of fans here that a facility of the magnitude of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya deserves.”


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