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Stefan Johansson Doubts on Red Bull’s $500million Budget Outburst Ahead of Honda F1 Overrule

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Stefan Johansson, the Former Formula One driver talked about Red Bull’s end of affairs with Honda and influx of $500 million next season. The huge budget will be put place for Red Bull’s upcoming Powertrains division.

Japanese giants, Honda are set to leave Formula One at the end of this season. This as a result will end their ties with the Austrian giants. The Milton Keynes-based team will be the first team in Formula One after Ferrari to have everything from engines to chassis, all produced, manufactured, and designed in one building.

Johansson, in an interview conveyed about the massive budget and Honda’s departure, “If they continue to work, just it may be that history repeats itself in the engine Would not that be like. Red Bull after the huge investments of time and money goes to Honda with the title in the year in which the Honda name no longer appears on the car.”

Red Bull Racing Headquarter.

Red Bull Racing F1 Headquarter in UK where everything from Chassis to Engine will be developed under one roof. (Picture courtesy: Getty Images)

In a time where Formula One is trying so hard to keep the playing field level with every Constructors by reducing costs, Red Bull are trying to catch up to Mercedes, the very best. The budget cap was introduced and every team had been given an amount of $140 million to run the entire season, the Swedish former driver doubts the initiative of putting in massive budget.

Stefan further asserted on this, “When the board comes to the table to discuss many subjects, there is usually no one at the table who has any sense at all. of racing. They just look at the budget of $ 500 million a year and wonder what they get in return. At the moment that’s not much and so they say ‘okay, done it’ and continue with the next agenda item.”

The Milton Keynes-based team has reportedly roped in Mercedes’s Ben Hodgkinson for this project. Hodgkinson has almost two decades of experience at HPP with the Silver Arrows. Apart from this, the Bulls have also roped in few more Mercedes Engineers to put them in charge of the massive Red Bull Powertrains division.

The Bulls are already the title favorites this season. This, as it looks, will further boost the possibility of the Austrian giants to dethrone Mercedes from the top. However, Johansson still doubts the massive influx of budget into this.


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