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“I think I’m a complete driver now” – Sergio Perez defines his Past And Present Ethics in F1

Sergio Perez celebrates at the podium after coming 3rd.

After an amazing performance in 2020 where Sergio Perez won the Sakhir GP, it was time for a new start. The Mexican switched team and started his Red Bull career with a bang, finishing at P5 in the recently concluded Bahrain Grand Prix.

Though he faced a few hiccups both in the qualifying and the main race at Sakhir, Perez knows a lot is hanging on the lines with the new season to follow.

Sergio Perez waves to his supporter.

Mexican Racing Point driver waves to the crowd from the garage during the Sakhir GP. (Credits – Getty Images)

The Mexican stated how he’s a better driver now than in the past, as he can focus on racing and not in the team politics. Sergio Perez said: “I think I’m a complete driver now I have lived an important career with stages that have marked me and allowed me to grow from every point of view. Among these, I cannot fail to mention McLaren.”

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Past troubles at McLaren for Sergio Perez

Perez revealed several backstories of when he joined McLaren and how it affected his racing. He says 2013 was a bad year for McLaren as they failed to fetch a single podium. McLaren’s MP4-28 was too slow, and as a young driver, he was like a guest at the team, which only catered to his teammate Jenson Button.

The Mexican wanted his presence to be known through his performances on the track. But things didn’t go according to plan due to internal politics.

He further continues by saying, “I beat Jenson both in qualifying and in the race, and I thought I had made it clear that. Even though I was younger, I was a strong rider and on whom they could bet.”

Sergio expresses that he has let go of the past and does not think about it anymore. Now at Red Bull, Checo feels he has a better chance at aiming for the podium and proving his skills. With one of the fastest cars on the track, the 31-year-old knows its his time to grab the opportunity and shine.


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