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“Sergio has integrated himself very well” – Helmut Marko is impressed on Perez’s first Redbull drive test in Silverstone.

Sergio Perez replaced Alex Albon in Red Bull in 2019.

The Mexican Formula One driver Sergio Perez has joined Red Bull after leaving Racing Point last season.

The former Sauber and McLaren driver will take Formula One circuit by storm, as the team expects.

The new machine of Red Bull RB16B is perfectly suited for the 31-year-old to push for the title race.

Red Bull had enough of just Verstappen pushing Hamilton and Bottas for the title. However, the Red Bull team management sees this year a bit differently.

Expectations from Perez is high at Red Bull

The former Force India and Racing Point driver will give Red Bull a much-needed boost to their run for the Constructor’s Championship.

With Verstappen already giving Mercedes the run for their money, forthwith arrives Perez.

Apparently, Perez is in a better position than Alex Albon or Pierre Gasly was last year at the Milton Keynes-based team.

Sergio and Verstappen will make sure they have a two-pronged attack at Mercedes. Subsequently, the team is confident about it and rooting for it too.

The Mexican driver at P4 last season, having driven the new RB16B, conveyed “Everything about the car is different”.

The new Red Bull recruit went for a test-drive with the new Red Bull machine at theΒ  Silverstone circuit.

Red Bull’s advisor Helmut Marko believes that Perez will boost Red Bull’s chances for the Constructor’s Championship this season.

He told F1 Insider in an interview, “We assume he only loses two or three tenths to Max and not five. Sergio has integrated himself very well.”

Marko is confident of their recruit.

Marko further asserted, “He was already able to provide us with valuable information, especially regarding the Mercedes engine. You can tell immediately that he has been in Formula 1 for 10 years and that he has a lot of experience.”

Helmut also added, “So far there have hardly been any intersections, so everything is perfect. We’ll soon see how it looks in the races. There will be no gifts from either of them. Max wants to hold his own.”

With the new season to start next month, it will be interesting to see how Perez fares with his new car.

Back in Racing Point, the Mexican used to drive a Mercedes-engine-backed car, this time it will be entirely different. Stay tuned for more upcoming announcements and reports as the new season starts on March 28 at Bahrain Grand Prix.


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