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Sebastian Vettel Goes Down to P20 Following a Penalty in the Third Qualifiers

Sebastian Vettel ignored the double yellow flag in the Bahrain Qualifiers.

The 33-year-old Sebastian Vettel had a poor start in the 2021 season and will start at the back of the grid during the race day on Sunday.

The four-time world champion made a move to Aston Martin from Ferrari to restore his lost fame, but the performance was not up to the mark in the pre-season testing at the Bahrain circuit. The cycle of disappointment continued for the German in the Bahrain Grand Prix, failing in the Practice sessions. Furthermore, not able to pass through the first Qualifier.

Vettel finished at P18 during the first qualifier, but now he will start at the back of the grid because of ignoring double yellow warning flags.

What happened to Sebastian Vettel in Qualifier 1?

Nikita Mazepin spun at Turn 1 during Q1, and four drivers- Valtteri Bottas, Sergio Perez, George Russell, and Vettel drove past the Haas rookie. The steward ordered the four drivers to abort the lap or slow down. Mercedes instructed Bottas to abort the lap and where Perez and Russell received the chequered flag and slowed down after the instructions. But the Aston Martin driver did not abandon the lap or slowed down.

After finishing the race, the stewards called the German for his reasons to not respect the flags. To which the veteran driver gave the statement that due to the smoke he could not follow the instructions and it was too late for him to do anything.

Sebastian Vettel ignored the double flag after the Nikita Mazepin spun at Turn 1.

Sebastian Vettel ignored the double flag after the Nikita Mazepin spun at Turn 1.

The steward reported the drivers’ statement, “Vettel did not abandon his lap. He explained to the Stewards that he saw the smoke ahead of him, but was unsure if it was a lock-up or a stopped car until he was quite close to the car and the smoke was lifting.”

Sebastian received three penalty points for disrespecting the double yellow flags and will start at P20 instead of P18, meanwhile his Canadian teammate Lance Stroll will start at P10 on the race day.

The four-time world champion at the back of the grid in his new AMR21 on the Race day, March 28 at the Bahrain circuit. We can expect Vettel to improve with every race and might gain his lost glory with Aston Martin in the 2021 season.

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