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Redbull’s Christian Horner on Unleashing New AI and ML Partnership : “We Don’t Want To Tell Our Competitors Exactly What We’re Doing”

Christian Horner avoids sharing much details about their new association with AI and ML as he fears of strategy cloning by rivals

As most of the F1 teams struggle to streamline their operations under the recent cost capping by F1, Red Bull thinks otherwise. Given their new AI( Artificial Intelligence) and ML( Machine Learning) associations, team boss Christian Horner looks towards the brighter picture.

Horner is aspiring for some bigger and better future possibilities via ML and AI to their team fold. Yet, he wants everything to stay low-key to not let his rivals match their steps.

“We don’t want to tell all our competitors exactly what we’re doing!”, Horner said.

Without sharing many details about their plans, Horner further pointed towards the areas that need to implement data efficiency. This comes as the only way when they can seek the required support and assistance from machine learning and AI tools.

“Data and the way that we operate, it’s our lifeblood,” he says. “We just generate so much of it. And it impacts everything we do: the way we run a race, the way we develop a car, the way we even analyze drivers and driver selection. So it plays such a key role.”.

Red bull is further planning to overhaul its technical department in a partnership with Tech giant Oracle. While the team boss didn’t reveal any further details, it came enough to give their rivals, a perfect wake-up call.

Christian Horner insists that AI and ML can help Red Bull in planning race strategies

Christian Horner talks about how AI and ML can help Red bull in improving further

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Having the right strategy and planning is certainly one area that Red bull needs to work upon. As per Horner, AI and ML would help his team in bridging the gaps in similar regards.

Besides helping the team is getting the right setup for the race weekend, technology can further assist the designers in upgrading developments.

With the recent cost capping put in place by F1, every team is looking for improving their efficiency with the available resources.  So, according to Horner, AI and ML can come of great help for them in this direction.

Horner adds: “Making the best decision you can to develop your car cost-efficiently, so cost-effective performance, is absolutely crucial for us as we move forward with the lack of testing.

This year we have had three days of testing, and no other sport would have such a small amount of practice. So the way that we analyze the data is crucial for us, and I think this is where this partnership is going to pay absolute dividends.”

AI and ML can come of great use if an entity is looking to infuse more competency and efficiency in its setup. As for Red bull, they are in sheer need of such thing to improve their technical capabilities on a race weekend.

Besides helping them in improving their efficiency, the same technology can also advise them about the best person on the job. So, just in case Horner and Marko have to decide on the future partner for Max Verstappen, they can look from every aspect and angle while using the data and information supplied by AI and ML.

It’s not just about operational efficiency, AI can also help the team to work on their marketing strategies. This way, they can think of a better communication and engagement channel with their fans. Regardless of how it will go for Team Red bull and their plans, we will keep you updated about every single development right here on 7upsports. Stay tuned!

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