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Red Bull is the only team “Other Than Ferrari” to create Entire Powertrain ‘Under One Roof’- Christian Horner

Christian Horner will be hoping to defete Hamilton and Mercedes this season

Christian Horner, the Red Bull Racing principal, talked about his team’s unique feat to be the only team after Ferrari to have self-sufficient power trains. We expect red Bull to have full capacity power trains right from next year when they part away with Honda.

Honda has decided to leave Formula One at the end of this season. The Austrian team in the wake of this decision took things on their own. Furthermore, they are underway to focus on new engines by 2025.

Horner, in an interview with Sky Sports News conveyed, “It gives a chance to fully integrate the powertrain into the chassis side of the business as well. Other than Ferrari, the only team to have engine and chassis all produced, manufactured, designed under one roof.”

Former Mercedes Man, Hodgkinson at Red Bull

Red Bull are reportedly bringing in Ben Hodgkinson from the Silver Arrows to improvise on their new power trains. The man from Mercedes has 20 years of job experience with the Silver Arrows. Thus, the Austrian team management thinks he’s the perfect man for business.

The 49-year-old boss further asserted on this, “It’s tremendously exciting for us. Here, we’ve created a campus and the latest addition to this campus is going to be bringing the engine business in-house here in Milton Keynes, building a brand new bespoke facility to house some of the best engineering talent in the business with a key focus on the future regulations.”

Red Bull Racing Headquarter.

Red Bull Racing F1 Headquarter in UK where everything from Chassis to Engine will be developed under one roof. (Picture courtesy: Getty Images)

There are rumours that Andy Cowell who left the reigning Formula One Champions earlier this year is expected to join the Milton Keynes-based team on this exciting prospect. This project as stated by Horner is probably the biggest investment Red Bull has made in Formula One since acquiring the team from Jaguar back in 2004.


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