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Red Bull has Historical Connection With Volkswagen, Claims Toto Wolff

Red Bull Racing Headquarter.

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes AMG team boss has talked about Red Bull having “historical” connection with the Volkswagen Group. Wolff believes the Austrian giants might tie up with the German giants next season after they part away with Honda at the end of this season.

The situation between the Bulls and Mercedes is quite tense now. Both the Constructors are pushing for title this season and this in fact made their rivalries more intense. Since the two teams are more evenly matched now, they tend to look at every opportunities to clamp down on another.

Horner also writes off all the comments and statements by Mercedes boss Wolff on Red Bull's growing stature in F1

Mercedes AMG Boss Toto Wolff and Red Bull Racing Boss Christian Horner attending an interview. (Image courtesy: Getty Images)

Volkswagen, on the other hand have a chance to enter in Formula One with Red Bull next season. Even though they tried earlier, but the backed out at the last moment. Experts say this might be a time.

Helmut Marko, the advisor to the Austrian giants even admitted the situation is consequently “tense”. Talking about the tie, the 49-year-old Austrian conveyed, “The Volkswagen Group has a historical connection with Red Bull across all platforms.”

The Milton Keynes based team boss Christian Horner even asked Toto to mind his own business when the Silver Arrows boss opened about about the potential tie-up between Red Bull and Porsche or Audi (both are under Volkswagen Group) in terms of engine supplies. However, the Milton Keynes based team didn’t confirm any potential tie-up.

Horner further asserted on this, “At the moment, there’s no discussions in place, it’s focused on being called a Red Bull engine. But of course that engine could be called anything in the future. But to have it integrated fully into Milton Keynes is tremendously exciting.”

The situation has heated up after reports came in that Ben Hodgkinson, former Mercedes High Performance Powertrains Managing Director has decided to end his career at the Silver Arrows and join the Bulls. Hodgkinson after spending 20 years at the Silverstone decided to join the Austrian giants next season to take up as the head of Red Bull Powertrains division.

Adding on, Andy Cowell, another high ranking Mercedes Engineer is rumoured to join Ben at the Milton Keynes. All these factors made the rivalry intense both on and off the track.


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