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Red Bull 2021 F1 Title -“Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are still the combo to beat” claims Brundle

Sergio Perez moving to Pit Lane.

Martin Brundle is of the opinion that Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are still that ‘one’ obstacle Red Bull need to get past to claim the Championship this year. Gone are the days when Red Bull had Sebastian Vettel at their disposal and back-to-back Formula One Championships.

2013 was the last year Red Bull picked up the Formula One Championship. Since then, there were runners-up finishes against Mercedes, the Champions, and a couple of third place in their last few years. With Vettel moving to Ferrari, Red Bull could never retrieve their hold on the title.

Red Bull's Dutch driver Max Verstappen lifts his second-place trophy on the podium after the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix at the Bahrain International Circuit in the city of Sakhir on March 28, 2021.

Red Bull’s Dutch driver Max Verstappen lifts his second-place trophy on the podium after the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix. (Photo courtesy: Getty Images)

However, the scenario is different this time. Max Verstappen seems to be an ideal candidate to replicate Sebastian’s role at the Milton Keynes-based team. The Dutchman is one of the title favorites this season alongside Hamilton. If he can ace the job, it is a relief for the Bulls.

As Horner’s party gears for the much-needed Championship this season, Brundle in an interview with conveyed, “[Lewis] Hamilton and Mercedes are still the combo to beat for the world championship. I wouldn’t underestimate Mercedes.

I mean everybody is talking about rake and how it has damaged Mercedes and therefore Aston Martin, but unless I’m mistaken, a Mercedes won the race in Bahrain with Red Bull having dominated the last race last year.”

Top 3 in Bahrain Grand Prix

Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas taking the first and third position while Red Bull’s Max Verstappen is at P2. (Image courtesy: Formula One’s official Twitter handle)

Where is the Red Bull advantage over Mercedes?

The new rake regulations rolled out by the Formula One put Mercedes at a back foot due to their low rake concept. Incidentally, Max’s livery benefitted from this and till now are the fastest on the track. However, Martin thinks this will not be a major factor for the Silver Arrows. He is sure that in the long term they’ll surely find out a solution to this.

Brundle further asserted, “The regulations mean you can’t just keep throwing new upgrades at it every week like they have perhaps done in the past, but Mercedes will get it together.”

With the wound still fresh from Bahrain Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing and the Dutchman Verstappen will try everything out to topple Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton from the leader board, their only threat to the Championship this year, as Martin Brundle already made it obvious.


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