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Porsche agreement will be ‘an Ideal Scenario’ for Redbull : Helmut Marko

Helmut Marko affirms that a deal with Porsche can come good for Red bull's plans in the 2021 season

According to several news reports, Volkswagen Audi Group and Porsche are planning their way into the F1 under biofuel usage on the grid. Now, according to Red Bull’s team advisor Helmut Marko, a deal with the German manufacturer will be an ideal scenario for the F1 team.

Marko further claimed that the team is “speaking to companies about possible partnerships” given their plans to run their own engine program from 2022.

When asked about a potential deal with Porsche, the Red Bull official said: “We are talking. But nothing is fixed.” Porsche, on the other side, kept themselves away from any official statement on the matter.

According to a few German news sources, Marko is already having talks with several VW and Porsche officials, including Fritz Enzinger, Herbert Diess, and even Wolfgang Porsche.

Marko said: “It’s too early to talk about specifics, but it is no secret that we have had discussions with manufacturers in the past. We are open to partners”.

We can even imagine building a new engine for the new regulations without a partner from the industry,” he added. “But a partnership with a big manufacturer would, of course, be the ideal scenario.”

Besides engine development, there is a list of other issues and challenges Red bull has to deal with currently. With Max Verstappen’s exit clause ending at the end of the 2021 season, rumors have surfaced regarding his potential switch to Mercedes.

Helmut Marko insists that Red bull needs to work hard to retain Max Verstappen

Marko further stated that the team is simply aiming to win the 2021 world championship. That said, Red Bull has to work really hard to keep Max Verstappen intact for 2022.

We just have to provide Max with a car that is capable of winning. And then nothing will stand in the way of a further cooperation,” said the Austrian.

We must mention that Red Bull has officially launched the Red Bull Powertrains structure for the period 2022-2025. Under the program, the F1 team will operate with Honda engines independently for the given period.

Hence, bringing someone like Porsche onboard can prove decisive for their engine development plans. Regardless of how this story unfolds, we will keep you posted regarding every development.

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