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Perez’s “dreams come true” Riding with Red Bull in the IndyCar tests


The Mexican racing driver Sergio Perez was signed by Red Bull Racing from the 2021 season. He joined the Red Bull by announcing his retreat from Racing Point at the end of the 2020 season, after being replaced with Sebastian Vettel.

Max Verstappen as a teammate

In the Red Bull, he will team up with Max Verstappen. Acknowledging the fact that his teammate is Verstappen, he mentions that it is a great challenge for him to compete with him.

The 23-year-old is not only a talented racer but is phenomenal at the tracks. Racing along with him will be demanding but Sergio is prepared.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen

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The first helmet in his Red Bull career

On February 23rd, 2021 Perez could not hold his excitement while showing his new helmet, yellow being the base color, a color which he deems as one of his favorites.

This was the first helmet with the Red Bull logo in his career and quite special as Sergio himself designed the layout, it depicts things which he always cared for.

The new helmet of Perez from his Red Bull career

The new helmet of Perez from his Red Bull career

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The first short run in a Red Bull

On February 25th, The Mexican with his teammate did a test run in Silverstone with the new RB16B. For Perez, it was the first time he was behind the wheels of Red Bull, after which he was thoroughly pleased by the mettle. Seeing his name etched on the car made him emotional, he conveyed, “his dreams come true“.

It was a great experience for the Mexican in his career, as he acknowledged the car has a lot of potentials. It takes time to shift from a known environment, a comfort zone to a new environment. But Sergio is already in the process of learning things. He has come a long way in accepting the new team and finding comfort in them.

When it comes to Red Bull cars and other F1 supercars there is a huge difference. The power units, steering wheel, and most importantly the grip. All these factors impact the performance of the car during a race.

After his first drive in the Red Bull car, Perez seems to be quite confident and is also getting accustomed to it, aiming to witness the checkered flag with the RB16B this season.



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