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Nico Rosberg Hopes For “Big Duel” with Lewis Hamilton to Make The Season More Exciting

Nico Rosberg being a proud girl dad promotes gender equality in motorsport.

Nico Rosberg, is hopeful for the possibile duel with his former teammate Lewis Hamilton at the Extreme E Series. The German is delighted with the continuation of his extreme rivalry with Lewis even outside of Formula One circuit.

Extreme E Series is a FIA sanctioned off-road racing event using Electric powered SUVs in the remote parts of world. The locations of such races are generally in the Sahara Desert, Arctic Circle or Amazon Rainforest.

The Extreme E Series teams include one man and one woman as their driver and Nico as well as Lewis are the owners of two different teams in this sport. Being bosses of the two teams, Rosberg’s team named Rosberg X Racing came out victorious against Hamilton’s Team X44 in the recently concluded event at Saudi Arabia.

The 35-year-old is elated about this duel and conveyed to Sky Germany, “Still, how cool is that we are now competing against each other as team bosses and are also first and second in the championship? It’s funny that the duel now continues here. Our teams were in duels all weekend. Sometimes his team was first, sometimes mine. It was a really big duel and in the end we were able to decide it our way, which made me very happy.”

The former Formula One Champion further asserted, “But that will certainly continue throughout the season. The beauty of it is that the more intense our duel becomes, the more attention we can draw to the series – to the issues we are campaigning for, like fighting together against climate change.”

Nico Rosberg’s rivalry with Lewis Hamilton

Nico, had a rivalry with Lewis during his days in Mercedes. The two Silver Arrows Drivers competed with each other while the rest of drivers, watched their ‘duel’ with awe. These two made Mercedes unprecedented as they are now.

Nico Rosberg celebrating his Formula One Championship

Nico Rosberg Mercedes GP celebrates the F1 World Drivers Championship with Mercedes. (Photo by Steve Etherington/Getty Images)

Adding on, Hamilton won the Championship back in 2014 and 2015 while Rosberg was runner up both the times. Rosberg came up strong and won the championship in 2016 pushing Hamilton to P2 in driver’s standings.

The rivalry, as the world saw has now come down to Extreme E Series and two of the greatest are up. However, they are not driver anymore, as the team bosses.

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