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Miami Grand Prix Manager Gives Words to “Welcome F1 with Open Arms” For Hosting 2022 Season

Tom Garfinkel further says that the Miami GP 2022 event will require a lot of hardwork and planning

Formula One confirmed the addition of the Miami Grand Prix for the 2022 season. Therefore, the managing partner for this event claimed to ‘welcome’ the prestigious motorsport and turn it into a grand success.

In the past, there had been many trials to add the location to their calenders. However, the plan couldn’t succeed because of legal, political, and societal hurdles but the major issue was the circuit, which underwent various modifications. Even in 2020, there was a plan for the Miami Grand Prix which got canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Floridian coastal metropolis is one of the major centers of finance, thus hosting a prestigious sport as Formula One can be a successful business plan. Therefore, Miami GP manager- Tom Garfinkel send out a petition to F1 fans to support the upcoming event.

Garfinkel’s petition mentions, “A chance to host an event of this magnitude and global recognition is rare, and passing up this opportunity would be a disservice to the community,

“The most important auto racing event in the world is looking to make a home in Miami! It would be shameful and embarrassing for Miami to do anything except welcome F1 with open arms,” stated Garfinkel.

Future of Miami Grand Prix in Formula 1

FIA has been wanting to make the sport more grand and successful in the upcoming years. Thus they have been eyeing new locations with a large market for the sport. They already have South Africa, China, and America on their minds. With the confirmation of Miami for 2022 and South Africa for 2023, the authorities already put their plans into action.

However, China has the largest market in the sport, but because of the global pandemic, they might have to hold their plans for the Asian country until the matter is stable. Until then, the authorities focused their attention on the American schedule.

Greg Maffei and F1 authorities reveal the addition of Miami Grand Prix to the 2022 calendar.

Greg Maffei and F1 authorities reveal the addition of the Miami Grand Prix to the 2022 calendar.

There is no doubt the rich business and tourism history of Miami makes it a more appealing location to host the sport. Thus, both parties want the Miami event to be the most lavish Grand Prix in history. Already, world-famous designers are appointed to develop the best circuit in the world, which will attract huge attention. Therefore, FIA offered a 10-year-contract instead of a three to five-year deal.

With all these grand plans for the Miami Grand Prix, we can expect the event to grow bigger with each passing season. Someday, it might be considered as one of the most important events in the F1 calendar.


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