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Mercedes Sporting Director admits Michael Schumacher Is the Reason ‘We’re Winning Today’

Michael Schumacher's winless stint with Team Mercedes in 2010 comes as a heartbreak for long serving team staff

Michael Schumacher is a name that doesn’t need an introduction in F1. Besides having recorded seven F1 titles to his name, the German F1 legend comes a favorite to almost every person involved in the sport. Recently, Mercedes sporting director Ron Meadows quoted this F1 star as a significant reason for their evolution as the best F1 team.

As per Ron Meadows, “When I think about how involved he was in building the team, my biggest regret is that he never won for us. Michael just operated on a different level than any driver we had dealt with before him. We all wanted him to win, but he never did. A few years later we started winning, and he’s one of the reasons we’re still winning. He’s done so much to make us a better racing team.”

We must mention here that Ron, along with James Vowles, worked with Michael Schuhmacher in the past. Besides, they still feel hurt for not living up to the expectations during Schumacher’s association with Mercedes.

“Michael Schumacher never got the results he deserved with us. Everyone at the factory wanted so badly for him to succeed. It was obvious to all of us how much time Michael had put into the team”, Vowles said.

Schumacher bid adieu to F1 in 2006 after winning five titles with Team Ferrari. Still, given his passion and love for the sport, he made a surprising comeback in 2010 with Team Mercedes.

Michael Schumacher and his uncanny love affair with Team Mercedes

Michael Schumacher didnt have a great time with Team Mercedes

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While missing in action for over 4 years, the German ace marked his return with the Brackley-based team. He was signed by the British team alongside young German Nico Rosberg at the start of the 2010 season.

After a string of average results, the team finally grabbed the pole position for 2012, mainly due to the heroics of the Schumacher at the Monaco Grand Prix. Still, given his five-place grid penalty from the previous race, the world champion started at P6 while denting his chances for a historical victory.

As  Mercedes strategist Vowles recalled this incident, he further feels regretful of not cashing on that big chance. He said: “I was over the moon and I think it was one of the best laps he’d probably ever done in his life. But I was truly heartbroken for him that this is a guy that we all wanted – around this table and within the factory – for him to win a race”.

Vowles further stated that they all wanted Schumacher to claim the victory, simply due to the hard work and effort, he brought into every race. “He deserved it frankly, and he put so much effort into the team and so much of his life into the team that it was payback for him and that was his opportunity through the year”, Vowles added.

Schumacher didn’t have a great time during his stint at Mercedes. Still, it takes nothing away from his legacy as one of the all-time best in F1. As Schumacher’s son Mick debuted for Team Haas in 2021, we can surely expect him to bring some matchup to his father’s legacy.

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