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Mercedes “May not be in The Lead” in 2022 F1 Season, Anticipates Team Boss Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff feels concerned about the fact that Mercedes F1 may not be able to hold on to its supremacy in the 2022 season

The ongoing rivalry between the defending champions, Mercedes and Red Bull has certainly spiced up things in the F1 grid. Yet, according to  Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff, it’s the recent regulations laid down by F1 that comes as his biggest point of concern.

That said, Wolff also feels worried about Mercedes losing their dominance in the 2022 season. While saying that, the Mercedes CEO also pointed towards the potential outcomes in 2022 amid the current F1 regulations.

“We have always said it and it is quite logical: if you keep the rules, performance converges,” said Wolff. “For those at the front, earnings continue to decline, even with more effort. At some point, the teams that are behind will continue to evolve, and then there will be a convergence. I promise that next year we will have a situation with a very scattered grid. Mercedes may not be in the lead at the time, but we will go back to the previous situation”.

This claim by Wolff holds much relevance to Mercedes’s plans and strategies for the next season. Yet, it may or may not impact their overall performance on the race track.

Analyzing the proposed F1 regulations for the 2022 season

New F1 regulations may come up as a big point of concern for team Mercedes

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As a matter of fact, not every team enjoys the cost capping and regulations laid down by F1. While big teams like Mercedes may cope up with it initially, others may find it struggling altogether.

As per the 2022  regulations, the teams need to design more efficient cars with a reduced downforce. The switch from downforce, initially generated by the surface of the car towards a more ground-effect-driven concept would eventually minimize the turbulent air- a phenomenon that has prevented drivers from racing in close proximity.

According to F1, the regulations go hand in hand with the existing budget cap and would result in a more justifiable prize money structure. For them, the steps are much required to create a level-playing field for every F1 team around.

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