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McLaren CEO Zak Brown Sends “an Open Letter” to the Fans Aiming Future F1 Visions After Grand Prix

McLaren boss Zak Brown said Mercedes will have a killer line-up, if Max Verstappen and George Russell joins the German team in 2022.

McLaren is performing really well in the practices at the Bahrain circuit, finishing in the top three in the first two sessions but not able to continue the streak on the third practice. CEO Zak Brown also recently uploaded an open letter mentioning their plans for the future.

The British team trusts their new lineup- Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, who did great in the pre-season testing and the practice sessions. Further, their performance was also good in the qualifiers on March 27, thus on the grid of the Race Day, the ‘Honey-Badger’ Ricciardo and Norris will set on sixth and seventh, respectively. The F1 team gives credit to their new power unit from Mercedes. Brown claims this is a move leading to their evolution in the sport, and also the introduction of the budget cap will help them grow.

Brown claimed in the open letter on McLaren’s official site, “By switching to the benchmark power unit in F1 we’ve taken another important step in our recovery plan, but it’s no silver bullet. So too was securing new long-term investment in the team at the end of last year which, combined with the introduction of F1’s budget cap, means we have the financial firepower to begin fighting on a level playing field with our competitors.”

Expectations from McLaren boss Zak Brown in future

The Woking-based team claimed to work with Formula One. FIA and other teams on plans to make the sport better and safer, after the disastrous effects the world faced from the global pandemic of coronavirus.

Zak Brown reported, It’s impossible to forget that all this is taking place during a global pandemic. Together with Formula 1, the FIA, and the other teams, we took sensible and proactive decisions last year to protect our people and the future of the sport; decisions which leave me confident that, when the dark clouds clear, F1 will be in a better place than it was before covid-19.

Lando Norris was excellent with the new McLaren MCL35M in practice session of the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Lando Norris was excellent with the new McLaren MCL35M in the practice session of the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix.

McLaren will also work on sustainability in Formula One, developing fuels that will be carbon-free, planning to achieve this feat by the 2030 season. The team is also raising their voice against racism, will work with people from different backgrounds to achieve diversity in the sport.

23-year-old Norris finished second and third in the first and second practice session, respectively. Meanwhile, his new Aussie teammate was also great, and with every experience behind the new MCL35M, Ricciardo gets better with his new team. The team will provide their full support to the drivers for the 2021 season. But that doesn’t limit them to the current season, as they already started working on plans for the 2022 season.

Both drivers will again go behind the wheels of the British machinery for Race Day on Sunday, March 28, at the Bahrain Circuit. We can expect McLaren to put on a tough fight against Red Bull and Mercedes, and might also win the first race of the season.

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