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Max Verstappen Believes 2022 Red Bull Challenger “Will be Lot Slower”

Max Verstappen took the new Red Bull RB16B for a shakedown at Silverstone.

Max Verstappen, the Dutch International is of the opinion that next season’s Red Bull Challenger will be “lot slower” than it is now. Notably, Formula One is supposed to go under massive overhaul next year and there will be numerous changes and the cars will be one of them.

FIA has put in a series of regulations to be followed and brought in for the next season. Among the regulations put forward, the cars will have taller wings and 18-inch wheels. The front wings will be a lot slower and experts believe the cars will be at least 1.5 seconds slower than it’s predecessors.

The 23-year-old while talking on his website, conveyed, “Of course I haven’t driven the new car yet, so I can’t answer that yet. But we do know that the cars will be a lot slower. I understand that it will also have very different driving characteristics. The engines will be the same, so with the same or more power and less grip, it will not be easy.”

The racing will improve, feels Max Verstappen

The cars will have futuristic designs and will have many changes in their appearance. The Dutch F1 pilot further asserted in that context, “We will see… I think it will go back to the 2014 or 2015 grip levels, so that’s a big change. They will look very different. But the most important thing… and we all hope this, is that the racing will improve. That’s what the fans will like.”

Max Verstappen driving ahead.

Max Verstappen leading the pack at the Sakhir Grand Prix. (Image Courtesy: Getty Images)

Red Bull’s RB16B is currently the fastest car on the track right now. Thanks to their high rake system, which gives them an advantage over Mercedes-built low rake cars as much as 1 second per lap.

Max Verstappen is termed as the fastest driver this season after having shown his brilliant performances in pre-season testing, Bahrain Grand Prix, and recently concluded Italian Grand Prix. Since Formula One is all about speed, so the faster the car is, the better the chances to clock quicker in the qualifying session and eventually clinch the Championship title. Hence, the ‘slow’ car will be a substantial issue for the drivers in the upcoming season, feels Max Verstappen.


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