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Lewis Hamilton Thinks Max Verstappen Gives “Marathon Impression Than Sprint”

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes AMG F1 needs to push his limits to go against Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing in the upcoming races.

Lewis Hamilton, the seven times world champion is of the opinion that his arch rival of the season Red Bull’s Max Verstappen gives more of a Marathon Impression rather than Sprint. This is more like the duo is gearing up for a long time battle instead of just one season rivalry.

The Hamilton-Verstappen rivalry this year is no new information to the Formula One fans and the duo has finally reacted to this much coveted match-up. Being the title contender, none of the drivers are willing to leave a place of favour for the other one.

Lewis, when asked about Max Verstappen and the ongoing rivalry, he stated, “Max gives me the impression that he wants to prove something in a duel. I see it more like a marathon than a sprint. That’s why I will continue to avoid any contact on the track.”

Hamilton who leads the driver’s Championship as of now with 94 points after the end of four races, thinks he can continue the momentum in the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix as well.

Max Verstappen took the lead from Lewis Hamilton at the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 28, 2021.

Max Verstappen took the lead from Lewis Hamilton at the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 28, 2021. (Image courtesy: Red Bull Racing Official Twitter Handle)

The Formula One fans and pundits believe with the pace and stuff competitions the drivers are showing, they’re most likely to crash against one another.

Adding on, the Monte Carlo circuit is already very narrow and it’s difficult to overtake and Max has notorious pace and aggression when driving. Things date back to 2018 when the young Dutchman crashed in the qualifying and ended up starting the race at P20.

The Red Bull prodigy, however had to say things differently. The Dutchman conveyed, “I have nothing to prove. As for avoiding contact, I think it goes both ways. We race hard but we have avoided contact on both sides, so hopefully we can keep on doing that.”


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