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Lewis Hamilton Proves Winning in Bahrain Grand Prix Only With Fastest Car is a Wrong Concept

Lewis Hamilton won the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix.

The recently concluded Bahrain Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton proved that one doesn’t need the fastest car to win a race. The seven-times world champion ‘literally’ started the Sakhir Grand Prix race with the second-best car, the W12 against Red Bull’s RB16B according to the statistics.

The Black Arrow’s were the second-best in all pre-testing as well as in qualifying only to win the race at the final moments, all thanks to Mercedes’s aggressive strategy and Hamilton’s expertise. With this win, the Briton has proved that only machinery help isn’t enough to be a victor, experience, and skills are important too.

Talking about one of the ‘toughest’ race the 36-year-old ever participated in, he conveyed, “I think [last Sunday’s race] was definitely a blessing, perhaps in disguise. There’s always a chance, opportunities to prove people wrong, and I like to think that was definitely one of them.

Hamilton further asserted on Red Bull’s and Mercedes’s car comparison, “I think Red Bull’s pace is incredibly strong, as you could see. Obviously I thought we could get closer within the race. Maybe our car’s better in other places than it is here, or maybe it’s worse – we’ll wait and find out. One thing’s for sure, we’ll work as hard as we can to improve it.”

Is it Lewis Hamilton’s skills or Mercedes’s technology?

If one goes by the statistics, the Mercedes maestro has won 74 races till now since joining the team in 2014 and his team has won 103 out of 138 races they’ve participated in. However, it’s not at all natural that Mercedes always had the best cars available for them.

Lewis Hamilton was not letting Max Verstappen to take the lead.

Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton after taking over Red Bull’s Max Verstappen at the Sakhir Grand Prix. (Image courtesy: Mercedes office Twitter Handle)

Adding on, Lewis also won 22 races with McLaren before entering the Silverstone based team when he apparently didn’t have the ‘fastest car’. Such theories, as the Formula One pundits and experts believe are absurd and only used to put down one’s ability.

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