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Lewis Hamilton Expects Portimão to be “A Good Challenge” From Red Bull

Lewis Hamilton looks forward to a stern challenge from team Red Bull in the Portuguese grand Prix next month

As Max Verstappen claimed the Imola GP, Team Red Bull now poses an enormous threat to Mercedes’s years-long supremacy on the F1 title. The Brackley-based team, on the contrary, are laying all their hopes on seven-times world champion Lewis Hamilton.

The Briton, however, is taking it nice and calm all the way. Yet, according to him, Red Bull is going to be quite strong in Portimão so he is expecting it to be a good race and challenge.

“Stay calm, thoughtful and don’t make mistakes. It was all about not giving up and finding my rhythm when I drove last time in Portimão. And that’s how one can give his maximum”, Hamilton said.

“This time we know the circuit and the car a little better, but, since we are going to Portugal at the beginning year, I don’t know if we’ll find a cool climate like last year or if it’s going to be hotter. I suppose Red Bull will be very strong in Portimão, so it will definitely be a good challenge and a good race”, he further added.

One win apiece, both Mercedes and Red bull will lock horns in the fight for dominance at the Portuguese Grand Prix next week. While we must not write off other teams yet from the competition, the onus is anyways going to remain on these two F1 giants.

Lewis Hamilton deems Portimao as one of his favorite circuits

Lewis Hamilton considers Portimao as one of his favourite circuits

Credits: Getty Images

As Hamilton arrives in Portugal being a defending F1 champion, he got to stay prepared for all the upcoming challenges on his way. Furthermore, he needs to be wary of the tricky curves and turns at Portimao that can prove decisive to next week’s main event.

Yet, according to the Mercedes driver, the Portimão circuit comes as one of his favorites and he will try to make the most out of his experience here.

“It is a fantastic track to drive. There are areas where we cannot see the exits, there are ups and downs, and at certain times we only see the sky. It has an incredible combination of curves, with the advantage of being able to make several trajectories, follow and overtake the other cars. The Austin circuit is one of my favorites, but Portugal has now joined the top ”, he said.

The action unfolds next month at the Portuguese Grand Prix. Hence, both Mercedes and Red bull must stay handy with all their pre-race strategies and tactics.

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