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Lewis Hamilton behind the Wheel and the Guitar

Lewis Hamilton behind the Wheel and the Guitar

The seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has already proved his passion for driving, but now his passion for music is just shaking the whole internet.

The 36-year-old British driver shared his guitar skills on Twitter, which is gaining a lot of attention around the world, and with each passing minute, the likes and retweets are increasing. The Mercedes ace has previously also showcased his talent for music when he collaborated with the American singer Christina Aguilera. The Brit sang a song called Pipe under the alias of XNDA with Aguilera, and the song has 443 Thousand views on YouTube.

Although the driver claims he is not well with the guitar but only plays because of his love. Meanwhile, fans don’t agree with the Englishman and claim he is not only an excellent driver but also a talented musician.

Lewis Hamilton is staying positive with guitar after his poor performance in the Bahrain Test

Hamilton had a poor start in the 2021 season, his performance in the recently concluded pre-season test at Bahrain was disappointing. The Silver Arrow No. 44 mentioned having trouble with the stability and handling of the new Mercedes W12. The 36-year-old even got stuck in the Turn 13 gravel because of the poor stability and failed to be in the top five on most days of the test and only ranked fifth on the last day’s timesheet.


The Briton mentioned not being worried about his results in Bahrain pre-season testing and claims his team gathered a lot of data, which will help them improve the new ride. Hamilton has complete faith in the engineers, thus stayed positive and focusing on the upcoming races and also enjoying some leisure time with his guitar.

The Brackley-based team’s chief strategist James Vowles echoed the thoughts of Hamilton on having enough data to improve the performance of the new W12 prior to the first race of the upcoming season. Vowels reported, “Huge amounts of data available to us and now a long journey ahead to try and understand what was causing that.”

The seven-time champion will be again seen behind the wheels of W12 on the first race of the 2021 season at the Bahrain circuit on Sunday, March 28 and will be fighting for his eighth title. We might also expect to see more of the musical side of Lewis Hamilton.

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