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“Its hard to really enjoy”- Kevin Magnussen says why he prefers Endurance racing more than F1

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen the former 28-years-old Formula 1 racing driver, is currently competing in WeatherTech SportsCar Championship 2021, he is driving for Chip Ganassi Racing.

The Farewell to his Dream

He bid adieu to his Formula 1 family after his last race during Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. During his farewell from the team, he got emotional. As for Kevin, to be a part of Formula 1 was a childhood dream, a dream which he has achieved.

Magnussen has lived his dreams but the sheer disappointment of leaving the team with poor performance will always linger as regret in his life.

Kevin Magnussen during his last race F1

Kevin Magnussen during his last race.

The New Chapter in Daytona

Kevin’s father Jan Magnussen, a professional racing driver and a factory driver for General Motors has spent 20 years in the iconic Daytona 500. Hence, the 28-years-old knows the exact racing format and aspects he can expect from this.

“I’ve been at many of my dad’s races during his time, he’s raced in endurance racing for more than 20 years, then, of course, I’ve been following him very closely. So I’m very comfortable with how endurance racing works and know that world quite well through him,” said Kevin during his interview.

After F1, he started driving for Chip Ganassi Racing but in his first race, he lost his debut win due to a late puncture.

The Danish was determined to win and with that performance, he was set on for the victory. But just then the right-rear tire blowout on the famous Daytona banking with just seven minutes remaining, caused Kevin a great loss in the race.

Why Endurance Racing is better than F1

Although Formula 1 was a dream come true for him but staying there for a long period was not what the Danish driver wanted. In F1 if a driver wants to get acknowled then they have to start competing against their teammates which makes the situation intense.

During an interview, Kevin mentioned that “You get measured up against your team-mate in Formula 1, it is not really possible to compare across teams, so the way to move forward in F1 is to beat your team-mate and beat him big.

“That becomes such a tough environment to be in. And actually, it isn’t always fun, because in the same Haas I was team-mates with Romain Grosjean and actually I really liked the guy, and it was tough because we both knew that we had to absolutely kill each other to move forward, and on the other hand we got on quite well outside of the car.”

But I really enjoyed it, it was a good experience.”



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