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“Is it Necessary to Have track Limits?”: Helmut Marko Shares Penalty Obsessions of the Grand Prix 2021

Helmut Marko talks about Mercedes's pointless 'track limits' strategies that made Red bull fall short of a well deserved win

Helmut Marko, the Red Bull Racing advisor opened about about the penalty saga of the Formula One. Marko, the Bulls veteran has questioned the necessity to put penalties on the races in the first place.

The Formula One drivers are punished for going out of the race track while overtaking or speeding up too much. At times they receive penalties of 5 seconds, at time 10 and at times more. The drivers either have to go to pit and serve the time penalties or their penalties are added at the end of the race.

Helmut, in an interview questioned this system and conveyed, “We had three races and won one of them. Of course, we’re not satisfied with that. We lost one race because we went over the track limits. Of course, that’s an offense. But you also have to question the sense of these rules. That’s what even the Mercedes people say: Why draw lines if there’s enough room?”

The 78-year-old Austria further asserted, “What bothers me most of all is the lack of consistency in the penalties. Sometimes there’s a five-second penalty, sometimes a ten-second penalty, sometimes a drive-through penalty. Basically, the question I have is: Is it necessary to have track limits? No. What I understand is that it takes time to adapt the race tracks accordingly.”

Helmut Marko says that Mercedes drove regularly over the track limits

Helmut Marko, the Red Bull Racing advisor in talks with their star driver Max Verstappen. (Image courtesy: Getty Images)

Talking about Lewis Hamilton and incredibly strong Mercedes, Marko also stated, “To sum up: We’re beaten below value, but all in all we have the faster car. In Hamilton, Mercedes has a driver who is not overpowering but incredibly strong and who can rise above himself. When he sees an opportunity, he takes it. We can win when everything goes perfectly, but that wasn’t always the case.”

One such incident happened with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in Sakhir Grand Prix when the Red Bull driver overtaken the Briton but had to give away the place. Hamilton ended up winning that race by slightest of margin.

This is one of the reason, why many people think Marko questioned the necessity for penalties for going off the track.


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