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“I will not be Confident in Portimao”- Fernando Alonso Keeps Leap of Faith on His Mindset Before Next Race at Portimao Circuit

Fernando Alonso lays big hopes on his performance at the Portimao grand prix after an ' unimpressive' show at Imola

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso acknowledged that his performance was  “not up to the mark” during the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Yet, the Two-time Formula 1 world champion is keen on improving his performance before the next race at Portimao Circuit.

“I should be better. I was not at the right level this weekend, but I will be in Portimao.”, He said.

Alonso claimed just a single point due to a post-race penalty to Kimi Raikkonen, but still finished behind teammate Esteban Ocon in 11th at Imola. The Spaniard is still adjusting to the new car at Alpine F1. Yet, according to him, this cannot come as an excuse for his bad performances recently.

“I’ve changed things many times, even I changed category or different series in motorsport many times and there is always a period of adaptation,” he said. “But that has been never an excuse and it’s going to be not an excuse now.”.

Even at Bahrain, Alonso only finished 30 laps before retiring mid-race due to certain technical issues with his car. As the Spanish driver stays hopeful for better performance at Portimao, he still needs to sort out his ways to get comfortable with the new Alpine chassis.

Fernando Alonso expects himself to be more competitive at  Portimao

Alonso expects a much improved performance from his end at Portimao

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Regardless of the issues faced with the new car, Alonso is bringing his best efforts forward at Team Alpine. After witnessing a mid-race retirement at Bahrain, the driver has eventually achieved the 10th spot at Imola. So, the efforts from the Spaniard are eventually delivering improved results.

On the contrary, Alonso’s teammate Esteban Ocon has given some tough competition to his senior partner. Besides, finishing at 13th during the Bahrain GP, the Frenchmen grabbed the ninth spot at Imola.

As Fernando Alonso expects himself to be more competitive at Portimao, Team Alpine can surely lay their big hopes on their pilots and the cockpits.

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