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Helmut Marko is “Right-hand man” Of Dietrich Mateschitz, Claims Max Verstappen’s Manager

Helmut Marko stays hopeful of Team Red bull leaving a big mark in the 2021 season

Raymond Vermeulen, the manager of Red Bull star driver Max Verstappen has recently opened up about the team and it’s operators lately. Vermeulen has talked about Helmut Marko, the Red Bull Racing advisor and Dietrich Mateschitz, the co-founder of Red Bull Racing’s parent company Red Bull GmbH.

Raymond, who co-manages Max Verstappen along with his father Jos Verstappen thinks Helmut is the one who takes all the decisions at Red Bull with the consultation of team principal Christian Horner and he’s the man in charge here. Dietrich Mateschitz has given the 78-year-old free hand to take all the decisions that will be deemed better for the team as a whole.

Vermeulen, in an interview with De Limburger, conveyed on this context, “There is only one man who decides – Dietrich Mateschitz. Helmut Marko is his right-hand man and has a blank cheque for Formula 1.”

Helmut Marko, as Raymond stated has the upper hand when it comes to spending for the team as well. Mateschitz and Marko shares a long time bond at Red Bull and in a nutshell Helmut, the Austrian former driver is a go to man for the team in overall scenarios.

Red Bull Racing Headquarter.

Red Bull Racing F1 Headquarter in UK where everything from Chassis to Engine will be developed under one roof. (Picture courtesy: Getty Images)

Red Bull have decided to form their own Powertrains division when they part ways with Honda at the end of 2020 and Max’s manager further asserted on this, “So you can make decisions quickly. If you see now what Red Bull is going to do with its own engine department, that shows the passion of the team”

The Austrian’s team has decided to make their single largest investment for Powertrains division since acquiring the Jaguar team back in 2004. For this, the Milton Keynes based team has allotted $500 Million budget, and surely everything has been done under the supervision of Helmut Marko, believes Max Verstappen’s manager.



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