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“He can shave my hair” Antonio Giovinazzi’s funny bet with Team boss Vasseur on winning Podium with Alfa Romeo

Antonio Giovinazzi, the Italian Formula One driver has put up a funny bet with his team’s principal. The 27 years old driver has put up a bet of shaving his hair if the former fails to win a podium finish with Alfa Romeo. Frederic Vasseur often jokes about shaving the Italian’s hair. So, Antonio has put up the funny bet in place.

How Giovinazzi fared in the past

Giovinazzi had a tough 2020 season with Alfa Romeo. The team performed poorly as they amassed just 8 points at P8 on the Constructor’s standings. With the poor Ferrari engine, highly incompetent as compared to that Mercedes engines, Alfa Romeo could stay ahead of Haas and Williams.

The 27 years old believes he will have a better car this season to fight for more points and be more competitive. Antonio told to Racing365 in an interview, “Hopefully we can have a better car just to fight more for the points. This year [2020] was quite difficult, we would have two points just when it was a chaotic race or something happened at the front and we want to be fighting every race for points.”

“My dream is of course is to do a podium”

The Italian also conveyed, “My dream of course is to do a podium with Alfa Romeo because it will be a really great thing for me and the team as well. This is my main target but of course we need a better car and try to be more close to the points and then we can fight also in some races when something happens, for a podium as well.”

“Last season [2019] we had a stronger car overall, engine-side and everything. This season [2020] we have struggled a little bit more but saying that, I think in terms of performance from my side I’m really happy.” the Alfa Romeo driver told.

Giovinazzi further asserted, “Also with the team, I think we’ve improved a lot from race one until the end of the season and I’m really happy with this. We worked quite hard to improve our car and also to have a better car for next season and this is our target, to bring a better car from race one in 2021.”

Giovinazzi looking forward to 2021

At some point it looked like Giovinazzi will not be a part of Formula One this year. Veteran Michael Schumacher’s son Mick Schumacher would replace him. However, Ferrari opted to keep him at Alfa Romeo and send Mick to Haas instead. This will be the Italian’s third year in the Formula One circuit.

Looking ahead to his third season in Formula One, the Italian’s dreaming big. He is also aware that things will be more difficult this time around with every team pulling up their socks and making much improvements. The season starts with Bahrain Grand Prix on March 28.


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