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Grosjean overthinking about new Mercedes agreement “Being a father of three kids”

Romain Grosjean, the French-Swiss Formula One driver is again on the news. This time he is linked with Mercedes AMG F1 team. The Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has been in a “fun” call with him, Grosjean told.

The former Renault and Lotus driver was out of Formula One this year after Haas released him last season. As per the French-Swiss driver Toto Wolff has come to his aid. Romain has been upset since his 2020 season has been cut short. Moreover, he did not get his grand farewell to bow out of the sport.

What exactly happened in Bahrain

Romain has been into an accident at Bahrain Grand Prix last season. His car burst into a fireball after he crashed on the safety barriers. The Frenchman has suffered severe hand burn as a result. Interestingly, this season’s first race is to take place on the same Bahrain Grand Prix.

The 34 years old thinks he is lucky to be alive. Had he been little less lucky, he would have been dead by now. He has been out of Formula One ever since.

How it stands now

Toto Wolff, Mercedes AMG F1 team principal has called on Romain to test Lewis Hamilton’s car. When he was asked about his call with Toto Wolff, Grosjean revealed, “Yes. I had a fun call with them and we are finalising the plan. I think it will be mega. I got in contact with Dale Coyne before the Bahrain incident – I think the week before [the F1 race in] Imola, or a couple of weeks before Imola – and we get on very nicely.”

Grosjean also stated, “He made me an offer and I was going to do the full championships, but then obviously Bahrain happened and for a moment I thought I was dead in Bahrain. There may be options that I could look at Gateway – the short track — but the superspeedways I really don’t feel like I can risk that for my kids and my wife. Therefore I think to learn the championship already there are some good races.”

“Being a father of three kids, I need to be sensible”

Former Renault and Lotus driver further conveyed, “Being a father of three kids, I need to be sensible in my decisions, in my choices in the future, and at the minute I don’t feel comfortable – not especially for me but more for my kids and my wife – to risk ovals, at least the speedways.”

Adding on Grosjean is the father of three kids. The 34 years old is set to make his racing comeback in the IndyCar opener at Barber Motorsports Park on April 18. Meanwhile the season opener for Formula One is on March 28 at Bahrain Grand Prix.

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