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Franz Tost remarks “it’s a shame” on Honda’s decision to end their power unit this year

AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost has been upset since Honda decided to withdraw their power supply from Formula One. However Tost wished ‘Thank You’ to those who agreed on the engine freeze that called on the new Red Bull Powertrains enterprise.

What’s next for the Red Bull backed teams?

This has come after Honda decided to stop their power supply at the end of this season. The Alpha Tauri boss has stated it was the “best solution” for both of Red Bull and Alpha Tauri teams to source their own supply of engine.

Tost said in an interview at Alpha Tauri car launch for 2021, “I would like to thank the FIA and Formula 1 Management, together with all the teams, for having unanimously agreed on the engine freeze from the start of next year, which has enabled this agreement to be reached.”

The former Austrian driver stated, “We believe this is the best solution for the future of both Scuderia AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing until the next-generation engines are introduced in 2025. It’s also a great incentive to achieve the best possible results in Honda’s last season in the sport.”

“To pull out at the end of 2021 was quite disappointing”

Franz further asserted, “Honda have invested tirelessly and intensively in hybrid technology to achieve a highly competitive power unit. Our relationship has always been both very efficient and enjoyable, and that’s why their decision to pull out at the end of 2021 was quite disappointing for the team.”

The Alpha Tauri boss also conveyed, “It’s a shame that Honda stops at the end of this year because the engineers in Sakura did a fantastic job over the past years and currently the Honda power unit has reached a really high level of competitiveness, while also being reliable.”

“This year, we get a further development of Honda’s PU and I expect this will also improve the performance of both Scuderia AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing. We are very pleased to hear the co-operation will not end, as from the beginning of 2022 we will continue using Honda power unit technology through the new-born Red Bull Powertrains Limited” Franz concluded.

2021 will be the prime focus for Alpha Tauri now

Alpha Tauri, previously known as Toro Rosso, switched to Honda engines back in 2018. The Japanese Automobile giant reunited with McLaren but it did not find compatibility. Red Bull followed in the following year to collaborate with Honda as well.

It will be interesting to see how Red Bull and Alpha Tauri fares next season with their self supported power strains backed by Honda. Until then both the teams will be supported by Honda for the one last season before they bid goodbye to the Formula One. The team boss is also hopeful for Alpha Tauri’s success this season. The season for 2021 Formula One starts from March 28 at Bahrain Grand Prix.

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