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FIA is Completely Satisfied With Red Bull’s ‘Bendy’ Wing Testing, Claims Christian Horner

FIA will work on making Formula 1 safer for drivers in future races.

Christian Horner, the Red Bull Racing team principal opened up about the allegations that were made against his team by Mercedes. The Milton Keynes based team however got the green nod from FIA regarding the “Bendy” wing allegations.

In an shocking development in Formula One, Red Bull was accused of having “bendy” rear wing by Mercedes man Lewis Hamilton. However, Christian believes there was Silver Arrows boss Toto Wolff behind this too.

Horner, nullifying the accusations made it clear that RB16B’s rear wings had passed stringent tests by the FIA and were legal as certified. In an interview, the Red Bull Boss conveyed, “The FIA is completely satisfied with our car and it has passed all of the various rigorous testing”

International Automobile Federation (FIA) single seater technical head Nikolas Tombazis sent in a note that was received by Reuters. In the note Tombazis said, “We have become aware of some cases whereby rear designs which comply with the requirements of (the rules) nonetheless exhibit excessive deflections while the cars are in motion, can have a significant influence on a car’s aerodynamic performance”.

Lewis Hamilton looks forward to a stern challenge from team Red Bull in the Portuguese grand Prix next month

Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton shares a moment together. Image Courtesy : Getty Images)

“We will be looking out for any anomalous behaviour of the deformation of the rear wing. Should we observe any characteristics that indicate exploitation of this area, we will introduce further load deflection tests as necessary”, concluded the FIA official.

Red Bull are now the fiercest rivals of Mercedes and as the Formula pundits think this was one good way to bring Red Bull to their knees by the Silver Arrows. Had the allegations been proven right, this could’ve cost the Bulls lots of points as a punishment, much like Racing Point in 2020.


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