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FIA boss Jean Todt blames ‘Reverse Grid’ for killing Formula One’s true nature

FIA President Jean Todt is against Reverse Grid in Formula 1.

FIA is working to implement new rules and regulations to heat-up the Formula One, but boss Jean Todt is against some plans.

While speaking to Cambridge Union, FIA President Jean Todt mention his desire to improve the sport, to make it more exciting and enjoyable, but not at the expense of damaging the sport. They would test some implementations in few races of the upcoming season. Like there would be a ‘super-qualifying’ round in the Saturday sprint for three events.

Todt said, “If we can find, and we are trying to do that, innovative ways of creating more excitement, a better show, we will do it but not at the cost of damaging the sport,”

“There is the intention to have a kind of ‘super qualifying’ at two or three Grand Prix already, starting this year,” added the FIA boss. “We are happy to do something, but we don’t want to denature the sport.”

FIA boss Jean Todt is against the Reverse Grid

However, Todt is against the concept of having the reverse grid and also mentioned not liking the use of this concept in Formula 2 and Formula 3, thus he won’t allow such concepts in the prestigious Formula One. He agrees that the artificial tension might work but for a small time only and affect the sport in a long run. Because according to this concept, the driver with the fastest lap will be placed at the back of a grid instead of being at the front.

FIA President Jean Todt is against the initiative of the Reverse Grid in Formula One.

FIA President Jean Todt is against the initiative of the Reverse Grid in Formula One.

“Why I’m against reverse grids is because it is artificial,” said Todt. “In a race weekend you spend two days to be as competitive as possible, to have a good starting position, so why if you are the quickest should you start at the back of the grid?

“It would be completely against the interest of the sport, against the nature of the sport.”

Apart from the ‘super-qualifying’ round and reverse grid, FIA also started the salary cap in the sport. It is done to control the expenses, like this year it is $145 million, but will deduct more $5 million in next season. He also claimed this initiative might only affect the big three constructors- Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari.

The upcoming season will begin at the Bahrain circuit, and we might witness the ‘super qualifying’ Saturday prior to the major race on Sunday, 28 March 2021.

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