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Fernando Alonso “Still understanding” A521 Car Changes To Fight For Three or Four Tenths at Imola Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso talks about making the best use of his skills and the new car at second grand prix of the 2021's F1 season

Alpine F1 driver Fernando Alonso didn’t have a good day out at the Bahrain Grand Prix. He retired mid-race due to certain braking issues with his car. Regardless of what happened at the season’s first Grand Prix, the Spaniard is making every effort possible to improve on his performance at the Imola circuit.

Besides, Alonso is still understanding A521 Car Changes in his bid to fight for the Three or Four Tenths at Imola Grand Prix.

“We need to extract a little bit more performance out of the car, and hopefully from the next coming races and new updates that we will bring to the car we can exploit a little bit more the potential”, he said.

“But the midfield is very close. We saw in Bahrain and all last year as well, three or four-tenths can make you fight for sixth to seventh or 14th to 15th. We want to be as high as possible in that midfield group.

Team Alpine struggled big time to grab those crucial points during the Bahrain Grand Prix. Hence, they are up for anything or everything to avoid the possibility of a similar disaster at the Imola circuit.

Fernando Alonso insists on improving his performance at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso further mention about the random scope of improvements in his own performance

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The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix flags off on April 18th. With that happening, both Team Alpine and Fernando Alonso have their own set of challenges to deal with. Furthermore, Alonso did admit about the big scope of improvements in his performance, and not just the car.

“I’m happy with the team and the upgrades here, I think they will bring some performance to the car,” he said. And we will check where are the areas in Imola that we have to improve and, at the same time, I need to improve myself more than the car probably, at the moment.”, Alonso said.

“In Bahrain, I felt that I needed to speed up in things, in procedures: on the formation lap, the first lap, the pitstops. There were things that, you know, we’re new to me in a way after three years.

Team Alpine is planning to bring some new upgrades to the A521 for the Imola Grand Prix. These developments were much required after the debacles faced in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

It would be interesting to see how Team Alpine and Alonso go through with this uphill task. With only days left for the second Grand Prix of the season, they certainly need to pull up their socks in a similar direction.

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