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F1 is “Going Deeper Than Ever” With its Newly Introduced AWS Graphics System Launch : F1 Chief Engineer Rob Smedley

F1 chief engineer Rob Smedley talks about the six new graphics launched by F1 in partnership with Amazon web services( AWS)

Formula 1, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), is introducing six new F1 AWS Graphics for the 2021 season to make the sport more interactive, for the fans. The AWS graphics will utilize the Machine Learning and AI tools to analyze and interpret the data channeled by 300 sensors attached to every F1 car.

As confirmed by the F1 chief engineer Rob Smedley, the new graphics would facilitate every fan with some fascinating details and information about the sport

“With this new set of racing statistics for 2021, we are going deeper than ever before,” he said.”New Insights like Braking Performance and Undercut Threat peel back additional layers of race strategies and performance and use advanced visualizations to make the sport of racing even more understandable and exciting.”

F1 AWS Graphics will revolutionize the race viewing experience of every F1 fan

Fans and experts have come up with mixed reactions about these TV graphics

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F1 AWS Graphics are real-time racing statistics, that are broadcasted further on TV as on-screen graphics. The graphics are aimed at transforming a fan’s experience before, during, and after every race by providing relevant data and analysis. Besides, it would help the fans to have a better understanding of the driver and the team race strategy, along with their performance.

Regardless of how effective these graphics get, fans and experts are coming with some mixed response in the same direction. While few have liked the appeal it brings to the sport, others are not so impressed about F1 decision of going ‘ too technical’ with the sport.

The addition of these five graphics will take this graphics tally to twenty-one by the end of the season. Moreover, a new Braking performance graphic is rolling out at the upcoming Imola Grand Prix. With that in place, fans can experience the random braking styles by every driver on the grid.

Besides checking on the style, the graphics will also reflect on various other aspects like braking duration, variation in speed around the corners, and so on.

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