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Daniel Ricciardo Imagines How Would Max Verstappen And Lewis Hamilton Look Without Helmets While Racing

Max Verstappen vs Lewis Hamilton

Daniel Ricciardo, the Australian McLaren driver has talked about the much intense rivalry between Mercedes man Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull prodigy Max Verstappen. The young Australian thinks their rivalry is intense but with helmets on it’s not clear how they look while they take on each other.

The whole world is watching these duo and the world is divided into two parts. None can still predict which way it’s gonna go. As for now, Hamilton has an edge over Verstappen, however, the season is still very long and there are more 19 races to go.

Daniel, the former Renault driver is too reluctant to pick a side. He praised both the speedsters and mentioned that from outside we only see their helmets, but we don’t see the tension they stay in while racing.

Riccardo, in an interview talking on this context, conveyed, “If it comes to that, then I would probably rely on Lewis’ experience. When the going gets tough, Hamilton has proven how strong he is. On the other hand – Max has shown: If there is only the slightest chance, then he will definitely grab it. I guess if we could see them both in the race without helmets, then we would see two faces that would show great tension.”

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes AMG F1 needs to push his limits further to maintain the lead ahead of Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing in the 2021 Formula One.

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes AMG F1 is not letting Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing to go ahead at the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 28, 2021. (Photo by Clive Mason – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

Both Max and Lewis are title contenders this season. And as the current situation stands Hamilton has an edge over Verstappen at the end of four races. The Briton has 94 points and trails the Dutchman by 14 points, who has managed to gather 80 points.

It’ll be interesting to see who manages to pick up their much desired Championship title at the end of the year. Will it be Lewis Hamilton picking up his record breaking eighth Championship of his career or will it be Max Verstappen picking up his first ever Championship title? Only time will tell.


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