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Christian Horner talks about Honda’s “sustainable technology by 2050” as it part ways with Red Bull

Christian Horner, the Red Bull team boss, said Honda, the engine supplier of the team is targeting “sustainable technology by 2050.” As Honda is due to leave Formula One at the end of this season, the team boss wants Red Bull to be entirely self-sufficient.

Honda’s sustainable technology dream

This is not the first time Honda will pull out, however, after this time they have no plans to be back again in the F1 domain, the British boss said. The 47-years-old also quoted Honda as “the company will be very much focused” on sustainable technology development.

The British boss conveyed to, “I think Honda have obviously made their commitment that they’re withdrawing from Formula 1 to concentrate on fully sustainable technology by 2050 and so their company will be very much focussed on that. So there’s been no discussion or talk of a Honda return.”

The 47-years-old further asserted, “We’re just very grateful that they’ve accommodated this agreement and allowed us to continue with what I’m sure will be a competitive engine.”

Red Bull’s future with Honda. How does it look?

Honda’s departure will allow Red Bull to etch their own name on the engine and it will be called Red Bull power trains. In that context, Horner quoted, “As far as badging is concerned, there are no discussions underway regarding that. So it will be a Red Bull engine.”

We haven’t gone into specifics yet but I would envisage so. It’s a Red Bull engine. As Mercedes is a Mercedes it will be an incorporated part of the car. So it’ll just be a Red Bull.” Christian concluded.

Honda will continue to deliver the engine back up to Red Bull and Alpha Tauri this season. Subsequently, both Honda and Red Bull management are holding on to high hopes of clinching a Championship this time around. It is now for us to see what happens once the season starts with Bahrain Grand Prix on March 28.


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